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The Mission

DayZ Server

Server Information

Name: =FRESH WIPE= [1PP] The Mission |Namalsk|PvP|PvE|Loot+|Helis


All rules are subject to change at anytime.
For all minor offenses we have a 3 strike system.
-1st offense: Warning
-2nd offense: 3 day ban
-3rd offense: Permanent ban

-These are not allowed on the server or discord at point and can lead to an immediate permanent ban without warning
-Racism, homophobia, threats in real life
-Cheating or hacking of any kind
-Harassing/bullying of any staff or player

The goal of the server is to have as few rules as possible in order to keep player interaction as organic and fun as possible without toxic, game ruining experiences.
-No spawn camping
-No safe zone camping or strafing
-No farming fresh spawns for kills.
-No following people out of safe zone to kill them.
-No combat logging (you must wait 5 minutes after any PvP engagement before logging out).
-No stealing from or conning players in safe zone of any kind.
-No using loud speakers in safe zones
-No spamming global chat
-Do not intentionally damage vehicles in attempt to make them despawn
-You cannot park vehicles in safezones when you are not online.

-No building within 500 meters of any trader
-No building in military outposts/loot buildings. This includes but is not limited to military bunkers, barracks, tents, etc.
-You must have at least 1 raidable entrance

-Buildings can be raided with explosives. Tools are not used for Base Building Plus raiding (besides tents, lockers, gun displays)
-Players are allowed to "boost" into a base. It is the base owners responsibility to fully secure their base.
-Glitch raiding is prohibited
-No griefing (taking over someones base, destroying someone's land claim, dismantling walls/gates/doors/floors for no reason, dropping loot on the ground in attempt to despawn what you cannot carry).

-Vehicles are buy/drive/fly at your own risk. We recommend recording while operating vehicles, avoiding the use of vehicles if you have high ping or the server is at high player count.
-Each player is allowed to have one land and 1 air vehicle to help with server performance

-Restart Schedule- 12am PST, 4am PST, 8am PST, 12pm PST, 4pm PST, 8pm PST

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